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Some Call It Art

Vincent van Gogh of the Netherlands and Susan Jeiven of Brooklyn have something in common. They are artists. Where van Gogh worked in oils, however, Susan’s medium is dead mice. In ads for her work, Ms. Jeiven is described as … Continue reading

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The Extinction Dilemma

A sign showing the different marking of the Pileated and Ivory-Billed Woodpeckers. It stands near where the disputed 2005 Ivory-Billed sighting took place. If a bird sits in the woods and no one sees it, does it exist? According to … Continue reading

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Trinidad Recollections: Feathers and Mayhem

In Trinidad all illusions of a tropical paradise disappear. The first inkling of this occurred as I left Piarco International Airport on my way to a lodge in the northern mountains. Outside the baggage claim, juggling a suitcase and camera … Continue reading

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The Plight of Maine Loggers in the North Woods

  In the early morning hours of a Monday in October, 1998, a group of Maine woodsmen and environmentalists put a plan into operation. Climbing into vans and pickup trucks, they began the more than two hour drive from Allagash, … Continue reading

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The Bayou De View

Before reaching the Cache River in Arkansas, Route 17 stretches south through cotton fields and poverty. It passes worn houses with dark, wormed wood peering through tired paint and abandoned shops with windows long ago broken. It rolls through the … Continue reading

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